Autonomous Navigation Module for Tracked Compost Turners

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In windrow composting, the most common method of commercial composting, heaps of bio-waste are turned periodically with compost turners to ensure aeration. Operating compost turners is a tedious task, and it is therefore often difficult for plant operators to find personnel. This problem could be solved with the help of self-driving compost turners. This paper presents a concept for a navigation module of an autonomous compost turner. It analyses the process of windrow composting, derives requirements for an autonomous system and presents an overview of a system design for tracked compost turners. Furthermore, it presents results of a conceptual pre-study which tested a series of navigation sensors in the environment of a composting plant. For the evaluation of the achievable accuracies, a reference trajectory was measured with robotic total stations. The tested navigation sensors are evaluated with regard to their suitability to be used for autonomous compost turners.

Titel2020 European Navigation Conference, ENC 2020
Redakteure/-innenGalina Lange
ISBN (elektronisch)9783944976273
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 23 Nov. 2020
Veranstaltung2020 European Navigation Conference - Virtuell, Dresden, Deutschland
Dauer: 23 Nov. 202024 Nov. 2020


Name2020 European Navigation Conference, ENC 2020


Konferenz2020 European Navigation Conference
KurztitelENC 2020
OrtVirtuell, Dresden

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