Evaluation of analytical methods for assessing biomass gasification producer gas quality for solid oxide fuel cell (Sofc) operation

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The efficient and flexible conversion of solid biomass into energetic products will be an essential part of a future renewable, independent and reliable energy providing system. The main objective of the project Bio-CCHP is the development of a novel tri-generation system, including biomass gasification, gas cleaning, a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) and a cooling machine with the aim to produce electricity, heat and cold (CCHP), maximizing the efficiency and flexibility of the system. However, the employment of biomass derived product gas as fuel gas for SOFC is facing new challenges for gas quality assurance. For the evaluation of required dry high temperature gas cleaning processes the applied methods of gas characterization have to be accurate and reliable. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation of analytical methods for the detection of SOFC harmful compounds is conducted within the ongoing project. First results of online and offline sampling and analysis methods employed at air-and steam-operated gasifiers are shown in this paper.

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FachzeitschriftEuropean Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Jan. 2019
Veranstaltung27th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition: EUBCE 2019 - Lisbon, Portugal
Dauer: 27 Mai 201930 Mai 2019
Konferenznummer: ISSN 2282-5819

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