Barrierepapier - Identification of Biobased Barrier Materials for surface treatment of paper and board

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Packaging materials have to have a sufficient barrier function aginst various substances with the required barrier function being dependent on the packed material. For food packaging additional requirements from the side of legistlation regarding migration limits for varous substances and substance classes have to be observed. Due to their porous network structure paper and board have only a limited barrier functions against liquids and gases and therefore are often extrusion coated or laminated with various synthtetic Polymers. These compounds however are not biodegradable any more and recycling of the materials is difficult. Before this background the target of the project BARRIERPAPER is to evaluate the barriere function of a multitude of novel biobased barrier materials (e.g. nanocelluloses, PLA and PHB dispersions etc.) regarding applicability in the paper industry in order to create a solid basis for new developments in the field of paper based barrier packaging materials, which on one hand comply to market requirements and regulatory requirements and on the other hand can be applied to the paper substrates using surface treatment equipment available in the paper industry. The focus on biobased materials on a sustainable substrate shuch as paper should allow an increased use of sustainable materials in the papckaging sector. An important part in this project is the evaluation of barrier materials from a food-analyitical viewpoint by evaluation of the permeation of defined substances and substance classes through the various barrier materials to come to a comprehensive understanding of the permeation mechanism.
Effective start/end date1/05/1630/09/19


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