High-Voltage Test Equipments

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The installed high-voltage test facilities ensure all acceptance tests on power apparatus and insulating components. Sensitive partial discharge measurement will be done in our large high-voltage laboratory (shielded Faraday cage of 35 x 26 x 22 m, damping fact more than 100 dB). Specific test facilities relate to calibration of high-voltage measuring systems (dividers, devices, international round robin tests). Available high-voltage generators: * alternating current (AC up to 1200 kV) * direct current (DC up to 1100 kV) * lightning impulse (LIM up to 2900 kV) * switching impulse (SIM up to 1800 kV) Certified high-voltage testing may be offered due to national and international recommendations (IEC 60). All tests include the standardised preparation and conditioning processes. Therefore vacuum equipments for storage, degassing and drying of large oil/paper insulating components are available (including oil vessels and bushings up to 1100 kV). Additionally there is an open air test area for high-voltage tests of outdoor insulations and overhead line components under artificial rain conditions.
Effective start/end date1/01/95 → …


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