IMT - System Demonstrator for Advanced Interference Mitigation Techniques in Satellite Networks

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The success of future satellite networks depends on the efficient use of scarce system resources, in particular the available frequency spectrum. In this respect, the reuse of frequency bands in a multi-beam scenario has already created a breakthrough allowing a significant increase of the system capacity. However, the related interference problems have to be solved by appropriate means to achieve the full potential of such a solution. By several past and on-going ESA activities, advanced interference mitigation techniques have been investigated. Assuming ideal conditions, analytical and simulation results indicate that a substantial increase of the capacity might be obtained via full frequency reuse. Aim of this project is now to evaluate these concepts in a more realistic and representative test environment, taking into account system and payload characteristics. To this end, a system demonstrator will be developed which proves the feasibility and the benefits of different interference mitigation techniques.
Effective start/end date1/09/1431/08/16


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