Modeling and Identification of Complex Dynamical Physiological Systems

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Problem: The analysis and parameter identification (PI) of complex dynamical and nonlinear systems with more than 3-4 state variables (x) and parameters (p) are considerable problems due to the dimensionality of the mathematical description. Method: A MATLAB-based modular simulation and identification tool has been developed which renders possible a comfortable system analysis and PI. The tool comprises: Model editor; automated generation of the entire simulation environment based on c-mex-S-functions; automated generation of the analytical Jacobians of the x and observables with respect to p and input variables u and the analytical gradients of a weighted least-squares PI criterion; user specific tool for the administration of measured data; PI-module. All modules have graphical user interfaces. The software has been tested for a system with 32 x, 16 p and 30 u. An extension for model validation is under preparation.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/01/00


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