MULE - Fa15_f000af_PA_MULE Mobile Multifunctional Urban Logistics-Platform with Elektric Drive Train

Project: Research project

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The project focuses on the use of Mobile multi-functional Urban Logistics Platforms with Electric propulsion MULEs as sustainable logistics option in urban areas. By utilizing a generic interface like e.g. ISO-container and integrated energy storage devices MULEs can function as a basis for various logistic tasks. These tasks might include Milk-run services or Pick-up and Drop-off services. Further solutions and services will be developed during the project and the most promising applications with regard to urban freight logistics will be selected by utilizing a multi-dimensional, integrative approach. Their specific benefit for environment, customers, economy and regional services will be determined and possible technical solutions established, including a roadmap for the implementation.
Effective start/end date1/11/1531/01/17


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