MultiEffizienz - Efficient feedstock use for multi-component systems in the chemical industry

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Process optimization in the chemical industry is very complex, particularly at swaying base materials and process parameters. Hitherto, mathematically based models are state of the art for process optimization. A limitation of these models is the fact that any changes are included too late/sluggishly in the process. Therefore, the optimization potential of chemical processes isn’t fully exploited yet. As an alternative, thermodynamic models could be used instead of mathematical approaches. Based on thermodynamic models, dynamic real time optimizations could be implemented. For this purpose a real-time registration and use of the plant parameters should be carried out. Therefore focus of the project is the development of such a real-time system for the chemical industry, enabling predestination and simultaneous optimization of control parameters for production.
Effective start/end date1/12/1430/04/16


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