Radar Applications in Natural Hazards Detection, Prognostics and Warning

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    In close co-operation with the Radar and Propagation Research Group at the Institute of Applied Systems Technology (Joanneum Research), the application of weather radar as a tool for real-time wide-coverage measurements of precipitation is further developed and applied in operation-oriented projects. These activities are based on long-term experience in the design, implementation and operation of advanced weather radar systems and networks (e.g. multi-parameter research weather radar Graz/Hilmwarte, Austrian weather radar network, Central European Weather Radar Network - CERAD). Application areas include floods and torrents, mud avalanches, land-slides, soil and rock dumps, snow avalanches, hail, storm. An extensive weather radar data archive is available, well suited for retrospectively testing and validating detection and prognosis algorithms and strategies (e.g. performing neuronal networks learning cycles). Further applicable and dealt-with techniques include pulses Doppler radar and Lidar for wind, cloud and avalanche measurements, as well as application oriented analysis and interpretation of suitable satellite remote sensing data. Recent projects concern the design and implementation of a Styrian natural hazards warning system, the weather radar infrastructure for the Arlberg natural disaster management system and investigation of hail detection and suppression efficiency in South and East Styria. not assigned GG: Diverse
    Effective start/end date1/01/9514/05/25


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