Roller Test - Modification of a roller test rig

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The aim of the project is to determine the resistance mechanisms of rollers (especially rolling and starting resistances) with the help of a test bench, so that a direct comparison of the prevailing resistances between them is possible. In the course of this task, it is a test bench built and tested it intensively. However, it turned out that the measurement accuracy depends very much on the number of permissible degrees of freedom of the role in the measurement setup, which in turn has a negative impact on the repeatability of the measurements. This means that due to the necessary number of degrees of freedom of the test roll, it is not possible to ensure the same framework conditions for different series of measurements. For this reason, the existing test stand should be expanded and converted accordingly, so that each measurement series or test roll finds the same clamping or test situation so that the measurement accuracy and repeatability can be ensured within different tests.
Effective start/end date1/07/20 → 31/10/21


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