Special Research Area (SFB) "Optimization and Control"

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By combining subprojects which are in part devoted to applied mathematics and in part to concrete applications into a single organizational unit over a longer period of time, the following basic objectives should be accomplished: a) Concentration and further development of the problem-solving capacity in the areas of control and optimization in Graz. b) Intensify the cooperation between applied mathematics and applications as being represented in the Special Research Area. c) Strengthen the application-oriented components in the mathematical education at both universities in Graz. The present constellation of subprojects of this SFB is very appropriate in view of the basic objectives listed above and also provides the necessary spectrum of methods in order to deal with problems of mathematical modeling and simulation. It was possible to intensify already existing cooperations and to establish new ones. The mathematical subprojects are confronted with stimulating problems considered in the applied subprojects, whereas the latter have access to the mathematical know-how of the mathematical subprojects. The results obtained during the first two funding periods are documented in a large number of publications, in the centre report and in the progress reports for the periods 1994-1997 and 1997-2000. The international cooperations of the different groups were considerably intensified since the SFB was initiated. not assigned KP: Institute und Mitarbeiter der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
Effective start/end date1/08/9431/12/03


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