Analysis of the influence of electrochemical aging effects on the mechanical properties of lithium ion batteries

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Electrochemical ageing triggers different aging mechanisms inside lithium ion batteries, which are the main factor for subsequent irreversible capacity losses and overall battery performance deterioration. How these degradation mechanisms affect the mechanical stability and safety of lithium ion batteries under mechanical crash loads, however, needs extensive research. The rate and degree of battery degradation is based mainly on the operating conditions it is subjected to. Here a battery cycling approach for cell aging under laboratory conditions was developed, which is based on variation of the operating conditions of the battery. Goal is to produce already known degradation mechanisms and to evaluate their influence on the behavior of lithium-ion batteries under mechanical crash loads. Main effects that can lead to difference in the mechanical behavior of lithium-ion batteries range from growth of additional layers on the anode surface (SEI, Lithium plating), cracking of the particles of the active material, current collector corrosion or separator damage. To assess changes to the mechanical behavior of electrochemically cycled cells compared to fresh ones and to be able to compare results between cells aged under different conditions, one test configuration is chosen for all abuse tests. Through post-mortem analysis a verification of the occurred battery layer degradation is provided. A change in the mechanical properties of all battery components in detail is assessed in a series of component testing scenarios. The outcome of all tests can be used as a base for safety evaluation of aged cells, cycled under different aging conditions.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 12 Jan 2020
EventAABC Europe 2020: 10th International Advanced Automotive Batteries Conference - Wiesbaden, Germany
Duration: 12 Jan 202016 Jan 2020


ConferenceAABC Europe 2020
Abbreviated titleAABC 2020
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  • Cycle ageing
  • mechanical properties change
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Safety
  • Degradation mechanism

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  • Mobility & Production
  • Sustainable Systems


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