ElektroPower - Efficient electrode materials for long-term stable PEM fuel cells with increased power density

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The invention describes a newly developed catalyst system for a fuel cell electrode. The carbon carrier is protected against corrosion by selective coating with polyaniline (PANI). The new catalyst system (Pt/C@PANI) shows significantly higher catalytic activity and stability compared to currently used platinum catalysts. Structurally, the polymer forms a thin layer around the carbon support of the catalyst system, protects the support in the corrosive environment of the fuel cell and thus increases stability. In addition, the electron exchange between the components is accelerated, thereby increasing the catalytic activity. The new wet-chemical synthesis route of the catalyst system allows the structure of the catalyst system to be influenced in a controlled manner by a precisely defined catalyst coating. Electrodes can be manufactured by means of a spray process and used in a polymer electrolyte fuel cell, for example.
Effective start/end date1/09/2031/10/21


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