ROBOMOLE - ROBOtics for 3D-Mapping, Orientation and Localization in subterranean szenarios

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The aim of ROBO-MOLE is to increase the safety for responder and civilians in tunnels or other sub-terrain buildings by the detection and identification of hazard materials, providing an actual situation map and to improve the efficiency of disaster response missions. For instance after a accident with a dangerous goods transporter in a tunnel responder are faced with severe and dangerous challenges due to heat, structural danger, smoke or exposure to hazard material. Thus, a semi-autonomous robot for supporting analyzing tasks will be developed, that is equipped with a broad range of sensors (position, imaging, hazard material). The information of these sensors will be fused to allow safe navigation and control of the robot under challenging conditions (smoke, heat, debris) and to detect and map hazards.
Effective start/end date1/10/2030/11/22


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