HyTechonomy - Hydrogen Technologies for Sustainable Economies

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Climate change urges us to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In Austria, the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions are the energy and industry (44 %) and mobility (30 %) sectors, 26 % are residual sectors. A sustainable solution is offered by the complementary use of renewable hydrogen and electricity. Renewable hydrogen can be used to decarbonise industry, energy and mobility and can decouple energy production and usage in location and time. But vision is one thing and overcome of the remaining scientific-technological challenges is quite another. HyTechonomy aims for research of the key hydrogen technologies: electrolysers, storage systems and fuel cells. In addition, identification of optimisation potentials by sector coupling of energy, industry and mobility as well as the ideal combination of the key technologies are targeted. Electrolysers and fuel cells have a need for research regarding reducing costs, reducing degradation, increasing efficiency while improving functionalities. Degradation requires a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and respective accelerated stress testing to identify countermeasures. Regarding efficiency, there is a lack of understanding for optimising these multiparameter systems from research up to real operation. Renewable energy systems require longterm, large-scale and safe energy storage. Hydrogen storage and transport with sufficient gravimetric and volumetric energy density pose technical and economic challenges. Especially, the storage of hydrogen in chemical bonds, solids or liquids, is still in early stage. Strategies for systemic implementation of hydrogen in all sectors are not yet sufficiently available.
Effective start/end date1/04/2131/03/25


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